Blue as a Sapphire!


  As the world’s widest known blue precious stone in it’s powdered form was the favourite eyeshadow of Cleopatra. In ancient Egypt frequently used as fave stone for amulets and scarabs, in Mesopotamia and Babylonia often used for seals and jewelry.                             […]


Új kampányunk a Facebookon!

“This is how we did it” – is the title of the newest series about the cream of Hungarian fashion scene speaking about their career. Lately the author of Rebellive Blog, Ivett Zahorjan called me upon to write about my experiences regarding the last 15 Years spent in the national and international media business. Her […]

Color Of The Year: Emerald Green!

Képernyőfotó 2013-05-26 - 20.49.27

Emerald, in the ancient times was the name generally used for green stones or even for green glass. The origin of the name alludes to its ancient greek name samaragdos, which means ’green stone’. A flawed stone with a deep green hue is worth more than a light-toned, but clear gem. A flawless emerald is […]

The Red Ruby


Ruby is a gem found in many shades of red. It’s name comes from the latin ruber which means red. The ruby is one of the Grand Quartet, the group of primary gemstones which besides of ruby includes the sapphire, emerald and of course the diamond.     Emily Blunt on the 2013 Golden Globes […]

Violet magnificence


Amethyst is the most popular among all quartz crystals. It may grow pale after long sun exposure which changes its original tone. Amethyst is called the birthstone of February according to astrology.