This is how we did it” – is the title of the newest series about the cream of Hungarian fashion scene speaking about their career. Lately the author of Rebellive Blog, Ivett Zahorjan called me upon to write about my experiences regarding the last 15 Years spent in the national and international media business. Her goal was to support the young Hungarian entrants helping them to captivate the media industry:)

Edina Haraszti at Haes Jewellery's Boutique

Edina Haraszti at Haes Jewellery’s Boutique



She asked me to speak frankly about my carrier including its thrills and skills, highs and lows, etc. I tried to write about the milestones, determining events which escorted my career as honest I could. I didn’t wanted to speak about success neither from defeats due to its emotional approach which is not much as a constantly changing self-estimation of our ego. I mean a true showdown of the circumstances, places and participants has so much more to offer. To write this story was a challenging experience for me too: but I did it with pleasure (maybe ’cause I like my past:) Understandably, I also refer about Haes Jewellery,  I am really concerned with this jewelry brand nowadays. That’s why I share this article with you now.



If you’d like to keep reading on, you can do it right here: am really beholden to Ivett to went for my short report worthy to publish and I am proud to be in between the top dogs of the hungarian media professionals. I hope my review is as pleasurable for you to read as it was for me to write:) Please welcome it and enjoy it!

I wish you all the success you can only achieve in life!