Service and repairs of timepieces and jewelry
Expert maintenance will help preserve the original condition of your precious timepiece. Repair any problems or aesthetic imperfections.

Restoration of timepieces and jewelry
Our experts restore the original condition of your damaged but beloved pieces in the shorest possible time.

Unique jewelry design
We bring to the life any individual’s conception, even if you could only dream about it until now. Please ask for our free style-guide. Contact us for an appointment!

Do you miss the original splendour of your favourite jewelry or watch? Mat, flat and scrachy surfaces will look like new by polishing and/or rhodium plating.

Do you want to present an enduring gift to your loved ones? We can engrave your existing or new piece of jewelry We can advise you on the best fonts and styles to fit the specific piece.

Did you get a jewelry or timepiece as a present, but the size doesn’t fit? Do you want to have a perfect fitted jewel? We can resize your timepieces and/or jewelry!

Our experts seizing your precious stones,either new or old with the highest standards of craftmanship.

Evaluation, buy up
We evaluate your precious stones, jewelry and timepieces. The certified appraisal is free if we choose to buy the jewel, otherwise the appraisal price depends on its value. For a verbal report we charge 5000 Ft.  Please make an appoitment.